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To strengthen our community by restoring structures of significance, and using those facilities to enhance learning and social opportunities for future generations.


The historic Conservatory on the former Ursuline Academy campus in Springfield, Illinois has an impressive history. Aside from its service to hundreds of students, it has also served as a concert hall, hosted music lessons, housed students and nuns, and more. There are countless stories to be rediscovered as the music hall is revived.

When Ursuline Academy closed, the Conservatory sat quiet for over a decade. Now with the dedication of Tony Libri and Preservation, Inc. the abandoned campus is coming back to life.

Beyond the stained glass windows, balconies, and stage of the music hall, our campus has much more to offer. The once lively and bustling halls of Ursuline Academy will soon be revived to its former glory.

Preservation, Inc. relies heavily on community donations and volunteer services. Thank you to our supporters, we can't wait to share our progress with you.


Want to get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers and community help.

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